We can provide services in design, including branding, UI and UX, across web and app platforms.


We can build your app idea, taking it from concept to real-working app on iOS and Android.

Cloud based systems

To get the most out of connected apps, we build cloud-based content management solutions.


Turning ideas into full products and businesses requires work to scope, strategise, manage, and deliver. We can help.

Concept definition

We help work out what is needed to make your digital idea a reality, and push it towards success.

Project specification

To get your idea onto paper, we can create project specifications to determine exactly what is required and the budget needed.

Minimum Viable Product

We understand the importance of getting a working product to test as fast as possible.


Our design expertise will make a product that looks and works beautifully.

iOS development

We deliver a creative experience using native apps for iPhone and iPad.

Android development

When we build for Android we deploy across hundreds of smartphone and tablet devices.


We can create a digital strategy for your project, working out the best marketing and monetisation methods.

Project management

We will manage your digital project, working alongside designers, developers and strategists to make the best possible product.


Our consultancy helps determine the best possible route to design, build, test, deliver and market your ideas.

Get in touch to see how we can help with your digital project.

uniRDG, the fantastically useful student app for students at the University of Reading has been released on Android. It is available free for students to download today – download from Google Play....

We’ve been busy working on UniApp and now Food Dice! Food dice is a free App available on the Apple App Store, and slightly different to what we have built before. It’s a fun and useful tool for helping to decide what to eat. Go and......

Airbyte is a strong team of three graduates from the University of Reading, with backgrounds in Computer Science and Graphic Communication. Together we have a wealth of experience in mobile and web design and development. Through our experience working for other companies, and designing and building......

uniRDG has launched! After a summer of designing and building, we are incredibly excited to announce, uniRDG is in the App Store! Android coming soon. We learnt some invaluable lessons through creating the original UniApp, whilst we were students at the University of Reading ourselves. This gained 8,000......