A camera app for iOS, but without lens

We quickly rose to high rankings in the Photography category on the App Store after soft-launching Alibi at SXSW 2013. Not only did we take Alibi to Austin (Texas), the product was also later featured at Seedcamp Berlin.

Background & Objective

We combined forces with Armilary and created a small, but highly polished app called Alibi. Alibi is a camera app without a lens, it captures photos taken by Instagram users who happen to be nearby at a venue, gig or general outing.

Alibi made use of popular API’s, using Foursquare for the venue locations and Instagram for the content, we were able to create a very slick app which proved very popular. The app worked in the background automatically creating a visual journal of the places you visit without the phone ever needing to leave your pocket.

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