A popular food deliver service aimed at the student market

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Background & Objective

A food delivery service aimed at the student market wanted to relaunch their website and create brand new mobile applications to give an extra offering to their customers.

We worked as digital partners to help scope out the new products and aimed to launch the new website, ordering system and mobile applications within two months, in time for a marketing push targetting the new annual student intake. This new marketing push was intended to extend their profile beyond just web and into mobile.

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Following a series of sessions with key stakeholders, we created a platform to help facilitate the growth and desires of the re-launch of the platform.

As they continue to expand across the UK, we needed to develop a scalable product infrastructure that could be easily maintained and workable from the get go.

As part of the relaunch we created a new ordering system to facilitate the growth and new method of managing restaurant orders. This new system needed to be flexible to support the customer facing products as well as the internal platforms that harmonise the process of ordering online.


Airbyte proposed a fast-track design and build process to launch the products in the short timeframe.

This included the design and development of many different digital mediums:

  • a web-based admin interface to manage the estate.
  • a web-based restaurant interface to manage orders.
  • a consumer-focused website to accept orders.
  • iOS and Android mobile applications to curate orders.

All the components utilised a centralised, controlling API. These different elements worked together to give a customer a great end-to-end experience, resulting in a full stomach. The thoroughly planned component-based system resulted in fast development and deployment, with a platform which will scale with the businesses growth. Regular communication over the direct customer-facing designs ensured we could deliver a great-looking product that worked, within the business needs.