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Virtual Mental Health Sessions
Designing and building a web app that allows users to make the most of their mental health sessions.
What we did
User Research, Wireframing, UI & UX Design, Web App Development, User Testing
Technologies we used
Adobe Suite, HTML, CSS, React, MongoDB, NodeJs, Stripe, Twillio, SASS, Redux
How long it took
2-3 Months
Take a seat, in private, with professionals

MYNDUP offers access to therapists online at the click of a button. With over 3,500 sessions booked since inception, MYNDUP is stopping the “one size fits all” approach to mental health by offering live 1-1 video sessions across the mental health spectrum.

MYNDUP’s task was to transform their product by building a fully custom solution, alongside in-depth user research, beautiful design, and a huge growth opportunity.

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Where Airbyte Fit In

Any good approach considers both the requirements to build what’s designed and how the end user will experience the product.

We used a modular design framework that would ease implementation for our engineering team and empower our designers to be really creative.

The Solution

We know why MYNDUP is taking off in the B2B marketplace. Employers are starting to understand the importance of mental health and how they can help their employees. Working with a large organisation can be tricky - confidentiality, privacy, quality and efficiency are just a few considerations.

We brought the MYNDUP bespoke system to life out from behind 3rd party solutions that were slow and clunky in parts. Every detail was considered right down to MYNDUP owned video solution with a virtual waiting room improving patient relations.

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Calming and Reassuring

To ensure that we prepared the new look MYNDUP platform for the market we found in our customer research and testing that the best use of specific shapes and colours resonate strongly with creating a calming and reassuring look to the site.

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New World, New Approach

2020 and 2021 has shown the importance of the ability to be fully virtual. This movement rocketed by the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that virtual mental health sessions should be a part of society offering access to all. 

From there, it’s just a matter of Airbyte highlighting in our design and development that MYNDUP is a virtual first business meeting the access needs of thousands of patients.

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"James, Luke and the rest of the team helped us to build V2 of our product and were very responsive and helpful during the whole process. They interviewed our users in a very professional way building a robust information source to help guide the build of the product. They were a pleasure to work with!"

Joel - Founder and CEO @ Myndup