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Connecting Insurers and Brokers
Designing a marketing website, auditing the UX and designing new features for the platform
What we did
Graphic Design, UI & UX Design, Web App Design, UX Auditing
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Miro, Whimsical
1-2 Months
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The modern digital commercial insurance platform
Upsurance is a platform that connects brokers to insurers & MGAs that offer relevant policies. With a vast knowledge of the insurance industry, and the understanding of the dated practices that are used to find policies, Upsurance aims to leverage technology to make the process easier and to bring it into the modern era.
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Website Design
The first element of the Upsurance project was to design their marketing website, that would showcase their application. This website would be both an onboarding tool, and an educational tool for prospective users.

We were asked to design 5 key responsive pages for this website, using existing brand guidelines that stipulated the brand colours and typography. We also carried out research into the market and potential competitors to make sure that our vision for the design was equally as unique as it was familiar, with its users.

After the first phase of designing the pages, we had to make minor adjustments to navigation and some alignment to improve visual hierarchy on certain pages. Overall this was a very successful project and required minimal iterations until finalising the design process.
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Platform UX Audit
We then carried out a UX audit on the entire application to identify areas where we could improve user experience and reduce pain points.

We began this process by creating flowcharts of all of the key user flows on the app. By doing this, we were able to identify high-level areas for improvement on these user flows, and to suggest potential ways of solving them.

Following this we dug down into the detail and scrutinised every screen and interaction, down to small changes in distribution and spacing of objects. While individually these elements of the UX are small, when added and compounded into the overall experience of an app, it can seriously effect a user's experience. This is why it is always important to explore even the smallest components.

We provided the client with a full report, with examples, explanations, and potential redesigns. In addition to this, working closely with their developers, we helped to prioritise these fixes and triage their development backlog.
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New Feature Design
Following the completion of the UX audit, we were tasked to design new features for the platform. While the client knew what actions they wanted to make possible, they didn't know exactly how they would work.

We carried out research with current professionals who operate in the insurance market, looked into the existing ways that these actions are currently completed, and utilised enterprise design thinking to ideate, innovate and create new designs.

In order to bring the designs to life, we first created basic flowcharts to see a high-level picture of what we were designing, we then created basic wireframes to make sure that we were approaching the problem in the correct way.