Airbyte is going remote

We decided to close our (physical) office

1 month ago

After almost two years being in an office, we decided to take the Airbyte team fully remote

Why an office?

In the early days of Airbyte, we didn't have an office and for many months, we worked from different places.

However, when we hired our first summer interns in 2017, we needed an office to better facilitate mentorship and teaching.

Furthermore, we often had client meetings and we had to pay for meeting rooms (which wasn't as easy to get in Reading as it is in 2019). A permanent office meant a central hub, where we could host our client meetings.

The why and the how of going remote

We have several members of the team that work remotely most of the time anyway. There are often only 2 people in a 6 person office. So let's drop the office and get a membership for a co-working space, which will allow us to have access to meeting rooms.

By doing this, we can leverage the opportunities of being a remote company. We can often change our work environment - one week you can work from home and the next one it can be from a co-working space. This keeps things interesting and helps with productivity. On the other hand, if you are paying for an office space, you feel that you have to use the office, just because you are paying for it.

We will use Central working as our new co-working space. They have locations both in Reading and in London, so it's perfect for both client and team meetings!

The tools we use to help with our workflow

These are the apps/products that we are already using at Airbyte to manage the team. They will be even more useful after we go remote.

  • Slack - general real-time chat
  • Zoom - video chat with screen sharing capabilities
  • Loom - record videos to make sharing and explaining bugs with your team much easier
  • Zencastr - remote podcast service
  • Teamweek - high-level work planning (what you will do this week/month)
  • Trello - high-level work planning (what you will do today)
  • Internal product for lower-level work task and time tracking (what you did today) - more on this soon to come 🙊

Do you have any product suggestions that might help us with our remote workflow? Tweet us!

Stay tuned for updates on how we are handling being remote 👨‍💻

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