Putting you at the centre of your community

We helped launch Mixer at SXSW, the app was made available on the App Store in September 2012. Mixer gained significant press coverage, including a Techcrunch feature and keynote presentations at Social Developers London.

Background & Objective

Following the global financial crisis there has been a resurgence in community spirit and values in recent years. Unfortunately in our modern world, our neighbours often remain strangers and it is hard to connect with those around us.

Mixer tried to overcome this problem by bringing people together in local communities, enabling relationships to form and grow. Mixer took a community approach because we believed the greatest value in the people around us lies in their volume and diversity.

Solutions & Results

Working with Armillary we helped bring the Mixer product to life. Mixer puts you at the centre of your community, allowing you to reach out to those around you and discover interesting people nearby.

Whether you want to share something, crowdsource the neighbourhood or simply enjoy what others have to say, Mixer let you make the most of the people around you.

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