Motorcycle Parking

Free resource for motorcycle parking in London and the rest of the UK.

With thousands of locations in London and the rest of the UK, we help motorcyclists find their ideal parking spot for the day.

Background & Objective

After several years of the domain being inactive, we decided to purchase and revive this useful service, with a goal to making it better and more accessible than ever before.

Thousands of motorcyclists encounter the problem of not having a centralized place where one can easily search for a parking location. The service which some councils provide is limited in both quality and accesibility. Our goal is to provide a seamless way to find a parking spot for your motorcycle, no matter where you travel around the UK.

Data Collection & API

We needed an easy way to find multiple parking locations given a street name, postcode, town or current location. We decided to use Ruby on Rails to build the API, scraping and manually collating data from multiple council websites. This proved to be one of the most challenging tasks, since councils provide their data in a number of ways.

We are support the majority of London’s councils alongside many towns and cities across England. We are always looking to add new locations, with contributions most welcome from our users.

Building a simple and intuitive website

We used ReactJS to build the frontend of the website. The user can search for their desired destination and then quickly find their ideal parking location based on several criteria, handing over to Google Maps for directions.

We display the locations in both a map and grid view, alongside multiple filters. This gives users the flexibility they need to find the type of parking that suits their needs.

There are still many other milestones ahead of us, which we hope to share in future articles.

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