Connecting people with world-class therapists and life-coaches

Background & Objective

MYNDUP offers access to therapists online at the click of a button. They are aiming to stop the “one size fits all” approach to mental health by offering live 1-1 video sessions across the mental health spectrum.

We transformed their product by building a fully custom solution, alongside in-depth user research, beautiful design, and a huge growth opportunity.

Our process

As we were creating a fully bespoke platform from the ground up, we saw a great opportunity to start off with some in depth user interviews. This gave our team and the Myndup team, some really interesting insights into their users.

We then designed a number of components & assets to follow the brand themes and user personas.

This made the whole process of design and development much smoother and we were able to provide a truly useful product to the users.


We collaborated closely with MYNDUP to carry out extensive user research, while also designing, and building their solution.

As a result, we have provided them with a bespoke platform, pixel perfect design, seamless UX, and scalable performance.