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Step 1 Choose your focus

You take the lead and select the specific flow or metric you want us to tackle first. Whether it's improving user onboarding, enhancing conversion rates, or optimising user engagement, you decide what's most important for your product.

Step 2 Crafting the Toolbox

We carefully curate a tailored set of tools to tackle your chosen focus. Our toolbox includes powerful methods such as user research, data analysis, wireframing, and testing. You can explore the full list of tools we use at the bottom of this page.
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Step 3 Time Planning

We plan the estimated time required to complete each task. By setting clear timelines, we ensure efficient progress throughout the project. You can rely on our expertise to provide realistic estimations that keep the project on track.
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Step 4 Bringing Ideas to Life

This is where the magic happens! We put our expertise into action, executing each task and leveraging the selected tools. From conducting thorough user research to creating intuitive wireframes, we bring your vision to life step by step.
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Step 5 Delivering Results

Once the tasks are completed, you receive a comprehensive set of deliverables. These may include a detailed product audit, user personas that represent your target audience, interactive wireframes to visualise the user experience, and more. We provide everything you need to move forward confidently.
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Step 6 Making it Development Ready

We go the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition from design to implementation. By preparing the necessary assets and documentation, we make the design development-ready. You can hand off the deliverables to your development team, knowing that everything is well-prepared for a smooth implementation process.
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"Working with Airbyte has been refreshingly seamless. From day 1, the team has been completely observant of our needs and matched this with their outputs"
Toju Stealth Startup
"The team at Airbyte are exceptionally skilled in delivering great results and they compliment their knowledge with excellent communication"
Nick Stealth Starup
"We love working with the Airbyte team and are excited about our future"
Nick New Wave Learning
"We partnered with Airbyte to build a prototype for SparkHub, a new video-led education platform. From the minute we started speaking the excitement was there"
Allan Sparkhub