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James Farnfield dives into the stories behind the entrepreneurs' that are making waves in their industries. These are the household names of the future. Growth in Mind weaves through entrepreneurs' personal and professional lives and how they intertwine to lead to building successful businesses today.

Hosted by James Farnfield
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Distract: Peter Watson
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As a serial entrepreneur, Peter Watson has worked with some of the most iconic brands of the 21st century. From a small city in the North of England, in Lincoln, Peter has built his agency Distract. When Peter was a young boy, he lost his mother and after a family upheaval landing him in Cambridge he saw first hand the tribulations of running a business from his father. Through University Peter started his path along the entrepreneurship road. From offering discounts and offers to local businesses through Snapchat to running a 7 figure digital marketing agency and investing in multiple businesses, Peter's story shows that the majority of successful entrepreneurs aren't the household names you may hear.