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James Farnfield dives into the stories behind the entrepreneurs' that are making waves in their industries. These are the household names of the future. Growth in Mind weaves through entrepreneurs' personal and professional lives and how they intertwine to lead to building successful businesses today.

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Howamigoing: Kim Monney
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Many of us have been a part of a feedback loop at work - and how hard it is to actually stay on top of regular feedback from your team if you are a founder. Howamigoing has been filling this gap since 2018.

In a time where it’s harder than ever to get 360 feedback from employees Howamigoing is at the forefront of offering the solution for companies of all sizes. 

Kim pushed herself out of her comfort zone time and time again, where at times filled with self doubt and anxiety in an ambition to enjoy life and be the best she could possibly be in her field. 

Today, her and her co-founder lead the way in the changing we provide feedback and improve productivity and wellbeing in the workspace.