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James Farnfield dives into the stories behind the entrepreneurs' that are making waves in their industries. These are the household names of the future. Growth in Mind weaves through entrepreneurs' personal and professional lives and how they intertwine to lead to building successful businesses today.

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OneFifty Consultancy: Katie Buckett & Alex Pearmain
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If you ever listened to, watched or saw first hand co-founders working together whether they are friends, in a relationship or family members - most stories end or have intervals with fights and fallings out. 

Katie Buckett & Alex Pearmain have worked together in their careers together and now have build OneFifty Consultancy together. A multi-award winning marketing consultancy, which finds itself in an ever-changing battle with internal an external challenges - that both Alex and Katie overcome successfully.

Alex and Katie started OneFifty in 2016 and today in 2021 celebrate their 5 year anniversary which is the half way point to a 10 year commitment that they made to one another to work alongside and build OneFifty. Both Alex and Katie put their own impressive careers behind them and use their collective mindset to grow OneFifty - together.