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Pasta Evangelists: Finn Lagun
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Finn Lagun was 2 years old when a restaurant reviewer questioned why a toddler was running around a Newcastle restaurant. The restaurant was Finn’s father's and this was just the start of Finn’s love for food that would in 2017 put Finn on a path to leading one of the highest growth startups in the UK.

During the years before this, Finn dabbled with startup and corporate life in an attempt to find a fit that would spark the fire within him to have fun, enjoy and smile. Finn found this fulfilled in parts during his career but a chance meeting with Alex and Chris set him along a journey that was a match made in heaven.

In 2017, Pasta Evangelists, an Italian recipe box company selling premium pasta dishes was created. Millions of filled bellies later, Barilla group in 2021 acquired a majority stake for a reported figure of £40m.