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James Farnfield dives into the stories behind the entrepreneurs' that are making waves in their industries. These are the household names of the future. Growth in Mind weaves through entrepreneurs' personal and professional lives and how they intertwine to lead to building successful businesses today.

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Tonic Health: Sunna van Kampen
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The idea for Tonic Health had been brewing away in Sunna’s mind for over a decade before he finally managed to turn his idea into reality. 

With his own experience of being sick 3 to 4 times a winter, Sunna did his research and found that the products available were only suppressing symptoms rather than resolving them. He decided that their had to be a better product available - so he built one himself - Tonic Health

Sunna is on a mission to change the way the world looks at their immune system and takes care of their health. From an early age he explored entrepreneurship, at 16, he was earning himself £200 per week running a business utilising ebay...