Connecting Reading based companies

There are many small to medium sized companies in Reading — it’s about time to have a way for all of us to connect with each other.

The Problem

There are dozens of office and co-working spaces in and around Reading. And within those places, many awesome companies are working on exciting stuff. To this list, add all the other companies and solopreneurs that don’t have an office space and instead work from their homes. This makes Reading a great spot for the tech community, a place where we can bounce ideas off each other and secure new clients and customers.

Airbyte loves attending local meet ups and networking events. We are always surprised by the amount of new people we meet, who tell us about their companies. However, we wonder why we haven’t heard of them before that? After discussion with several community members, we realised that there isn’t a dedicated hub for local company directory. Platforms such as Linkedin are too big and broad to allow you to search for a niche like Reading. We decided to solve this with RDG.LTD.

The Solution

RDG.LTD — a website where you can easily browse dozens of Reading based companies. It is a community driven platform, where every founder can add their company to the website and invite their employees to join.

Users can explore the company’s description, employees and contact information. All you need to spark the interest for initial contact. You can either find potential new clients for your product and find somebody to help you with your ventures. Our goal is to empower and connect the Reading community, so we can all grow together.


Airbyte is excited by all the companies that will join RDG.LTD and the excited new connections that everyone will make. Sign up to our platform and start exploring companies in and around Reading.

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