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Background & Objective

RIG founder Sam Harney, a fitness enthusiast from London, is creating a platform to find and book London's best rated fitness classes. With RIG you can dip into any exercise you want, when you want. Getting instant access to effective, functional fitness classes that lead the way but built for everyone: yoga, cycling, pilates, barre, spin, crossfit, running, HIIT, strength training and beyond.

Working Together

We've worked alongside RIG from building the initial MVP through to creating a redesigned, fully functioning booking platform integrating with MINDBODY, Inc. a leading technology platform for fitness, wellness and beauty services industries. The RIG app allows users to:

  • Browse classes by studio, workout activity, location, price, time and more
  • Find the classes you want to take and book them instantly
  • Check out intro deals at studios, buy single sessions, or a larger class package to save money
  • Read reviews and class ratings from other users and know what to expect
  • Book onto some of London’s coolest fitness events
  • All with no nagging monthly subscription, allowing you to tap in when you want and be more flexible
  • Discover a mix of routines synced to great music, crafted to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • Available 24/7, class timetables to suit you, work out any time of the day.


As RIG continues to expand across the UK, building a scalable product infrastructure was vital to it's success.

The following digital mediums were delivered to help achieve this future growth:

  • A web based admin interface to manage all aspects of the RIG platform.
  • A web based studio interface, allowing studios to integrate their MINDBODY, post classes and manage customer bookings.
  • The iOS mobile application, allowing customers to book, manage and find nearby classes and studios.