is delighted to announce the initial release of our latest project, Rig, in collaboration with the founder Sam Harney.

After Sam highlighted the need for an event-driven platform to immerse users in their health and fitness scene. Over the past four months, has worked closely with Sam to deliver his vision.

It all started with UI/UX design side of the product which needed to be a unique experience for users in order to create a strong brand image for the app & the company.

Secondly, users also have the opportunity of sharing their daily healthy activities with their fitness network. Working as a form of social network, you can share, like or comment on posts to your Rig community.

Rig will build on a passionate community to allow users to host their own sessions, classes and events, with the cumbersome problem of money solved neatly within the app. With no packages or monthly fees, event attendees only pay for the activities they want to attend. In addition, the community will grow and flourish with images and videos are the forefront to help hosts promote their image and lifestyle.

We look forward to the reception of Rig and aim to support the platform as it gains momentum after its initial release.