The Shelf

The place where our good (and not so good) ideas are born

The Shelf is one of our most popular podcast series. But the Shelf is not only a podcast. It is also a Trello board, which is open to all Airbyte employees. It is a place where we can collect every idea that pops into our head.

Simply put — it is a list of ideas

All ideas are put in the initial “Idea stage”. Afterwards, it is open for everyone to comment and discuss. Ultimately, we need to decide if we should move it into the research stage or discard it into the rejected pile.

There are many stages until it goes into the market, such as Research stage and Proposal stage. Along the way, we might realise that the idea is as good as we initially thought. Breaking your development process into different stages will ultimately save you both time and money.

Why was the Shelf created?

All the time, people come up with some “great” business or product idea. However, time goes by and you just forget about that idea. Maybe because you didn’t write it down, or you didn’t have anybody to immediately discuss it with. This is why Steve and Ross came up with the Shelf concept. As soon as you have an idea, write it down on the Shelf and briefly explain what the idea is about. Then, Airbyte employees can express their thoughts about it. Sometimes, there is a fantastic idea, which we would like to pursue further. However, very often, ideas are rejected after a brief discussion.

Moving to a podcast format

We decided that the Shelf will be excellent for our podcast. We are excited to share the thought process with our listeners and give specific reasons why we approve (or reject) a specific project. This in turn will give you additional recommendations how tackle your own product research.

Our backlog of ideas is enormous. And it’s getting bigger and bigger every week. In the course of s Shelf episode, we go through several ideas taken straight from the idea stage. After that, everyone gives their honest opinion. Finally, we decide if we should reject the idea or not. Even though we often disagree with our conclusions, we always strive to come to a decisive resolution.

You should also have a Shelf

Airbyte encourages our listeners and readers to also create a “Shelf”. Start writing your ideas down on Trello board, text document or in a notebook. Make sure to write down your next brilliant idea before you forget it.

Go ahead and check out the latest episode of the Shelf on our podcast, so you could get a better idea how you can incorporate one in your own business as well.

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