Background & Objective

Wildgoose are a multi award-winning events company, specialising in unique location based challenges using a versatile and interactive app designed to engage, motivate and provide insight. Using GPS technology and image recognition functionality, Wildgoose have taken the traditional treasure hunt concept and combined it with mind blowing, innovative technology and inspired content to create fun, engaging, interactive challenges designed for a range of purposes including corporate team building events and social team events. Learning & development programmes and orientation & onboarding activities. We continue to work closely with Wildgoose to ensure their events run smoothly and ensure that the app continues to push the boundaries in the realms of event design, content and technology.

How we work together

Airbyte ensures that the server remains at optimum levels allowing thousands of events to run each year. Hosted events can hold anywhere between 10 to 4000+ people at one time, we make sure players feel like they are the only ones using the technology. Events can be tailored to suit clients needs with bespoke content, tasks, and challenges to help meet their events objectives. IR (Image Recognition) and AR (Augmented Reality) technology is used in many of the events, we ensure the apps stay up to date with the latest trends in technology to help Wildgoose remain the leading provider of team events worldwide.